Texas Instruments

Texas Instruments' Work/Life Mission Statement
The mission of TI Work/Life Programs is to implement programs, policies, and work practices that support TI employees in managing their work and personal responsibilities. These programs and practices help create and sustain the commitment of individuals to achieve business results.

Communities where Texas Instruments has invested

Boston, MA
Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX
Houston, TX

What Texas Instruments employees are saying about ABC programs

"A couple of months ago, the (child care center that has benefited from several ABC projects) raised tuition. However, they didn't raise if for employees of TI. I am VERY grateful for the continuing TI connection with the center, and this is just another example."

"The impact of respite care has been enormous for our family. The time I am able to spend with my children helps me reconnect with the rest of my life."

"My son was eager to get up every day to come to the program. I really appreciated the fact that he was exposed to different situations and people outside his normal suburban world."

"Two volunteers went with my father and mother to seven medical appointments in six weeks as well as accompanying them on trips to the pharmacy and grocery store. They even took my parents out to lunch one day."

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