Issues facing employees working in the Baton Rouge community included access to infant/toddler and emergency/backup care, health and safety of children, and lack of stimulating activities in after-school programs. Many parents also expressed a feeling of disconnect from their childŐs school program.

The ABC implemented several programs to address these needs including, Backup/Emergency Care, Health & Safety Training for Family Child Care Providers, Vacation /Holiday Training, trainings for center directors, and Homework Enrichment Training with activity kits for school-age programs.

Funding Companies

Bank One
City National Bank
Dow Chemical
Exxon Mobil Corporation
IBM Corporation
Lucent Technologies
Our LL Regional Medical Center


Early Childhood
One-Day Infant/Toddler Training for Child Care Center
Seminar: The Human Side of Management (for Child Care Center)
Activity Kits for Family Child Care Providers
Health & Safety Training for Family Child Care Providers

Homework Enrichment Training
Vacation/Holiday Training

Backup Emergency Care
Mildly Ill Conference

Elder Care
Elder Care Fair

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