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Powerful Tools for Caregivers Online

This is an award-winning online education program aimed at providing working family caregivers with the skills to better care for themselves while caring for a relative or friend with a chronic medical condition. ExxonMobil, IBM, and Texas Instruments funded the development and pilot of this innovative program.

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Implementing Family-Friendly Child Care:
Benefits for Families and Centers

To learn more about the specific aspects of family-friendliness that are important to families and to child care center staff, IBM funded the Family-Friendly Child Care Study. The study was undertaken to identify the characteristics of family-friendly child care that help families meet the challenges of contemporary life.

WFD Consulting studied 63 child care centers in Dallas, New York City, and Los Angeles. The participating centers, including both for-profit and non-profit centers, asked parents and staff to fill out a survey that asked them to rate their center on various elements of family friendliness. Using the data from these surveys, six key elements of family-friendly child care were identified. These elements are described in this report with example items from the survey.

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How Family Friendly is Your Center?
An Audit Tool for Child Care Centers

Child care centers that want to know how to provide better child care from the perspective of families (their customers) may consider using this tool. This tool offers a way to look at the strengths, needs, and resources of the center. It can show whether there is an information gap between your center and the families it serves. It can help your center understand and respond to family needs.

» Download the Instructions (PDF, 82 KB)
» Download the Survey in English (PDF, 88 KB)
» Download the Survey in Spanish (PDF, 91 KB)
» Download the scoring spreadsheet (Excel, 122 KB)

» Parents' Guide to Family-Friendly Care Centers (PDF, 991 KB)
» What is Family-Friendly Child Care and Why Does It Matter?
   Final Report (PDF, 394 KB)

» What is Family-Friendly Child Care and Why Does It Matter?
   Executive Summary (PDF, 165 KB)

» Family-Friendly Child Care for Working Families:
   Implications for Employers (PDF, 183 KB)

Supporting Working Caregivers:
A Self-Assessment Tool for Community Agencies providing services to Elder Caregivers

Community agencies can use this instrument to measure their progress in becoming elder caregiver-friendly.

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Click here to download the Self-Assessment Tool (Microsoft Excel sheet, 64 KB)













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