American Business Collaboration for
Quality Dependent Care presents:

Powerful Tools for
Caregivers Online

During this six-week, web-based course, participants learn to use a variety of self-care tools, watch videos, and listen to relaxation exercises. Participants interact with each other and a trained facilitator through a discussion board. Following completion of the course, participants receive 12 monthly e-newsletters addressing caregiving. Participants learn how to better communicate with family members, health care professionals and others, and respond to the emotional challenges that arise while caring for chronically ill relatives.

Results show participants increase their level of exercise and relaxation activities, improve feelings of self-efficacy, experience more positive feelings about caregiving, decrease feelings of depression, and reduce stress and burnout. Participants who had previously missed a full day of work one or more times in a month due to caregiving responsibilities decreased absenteeism and improved their perception of work-related demands.

Click here to view a short video about how PTO has helped participants with their care needs. (Requires Windows Media Player, which can be downloaded for free from Click to view the video about PTO




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