Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ABC?

The American Business Collaboration (ABC) is a groundbreaking collaboration of leading U.S. companies (Champions) partnering to ensure that their employees have access to quality dependent care programs and services. Since 1992, ABC Champions have invested over $125 million in quality dependent care programs, making it the largest private sector investment of its kind to support employees' ability to manage work and personal responsibilities.

What are ABC Champion companies?

Champion companies are the lead companies within the collaboration. In addition to working with other Champion companies, they encourage local companies to participate in community collaborations, obtain written commitments to support specific projects and ensure that proposed projects meet the needs of the participating companies.

What are the benefits of ABC Champion Membership?

A recent study of the ABC's impact on job performance conducted by Abt Associates found that 63 percent of the employees surveyed reported an improvement in productivity because of ABC programs. The study looked at productivity measures among employees and found that 40 percent felt less stressed by family responsibilities and spent less time at work worrying about their family. Thirty-five percent were better able to concentrate on work. Thirty percent had to leave work less often to deal with family situations.

For ABC Champions, the numbers paint a clear picture. They know their $125 million investment in child, school age and elder care programs is paying off in increased job satisfaction, in the Champions' ability to compete for and retain talent, and in reduced absenteeism and related costs.

ABC Champions are also recognized as leaders in the community - by their peers, the media, state governments, The White House and the dependent care community for their commitment to working families and their innovative, solutions-based dependent care programs.

What does my company gain by joining the ABC?

By becoming an ABC Champion, you will join a group of leading US corporations working together to address the needs of their employees. By improving the qulity and supply of dependent care, Champion companies enhance their employees' ability to manage their work and personal responsibilities. Through the ABC, Champions impact their corporate bottom line and experience measurable business results.

What has ABC achieved in its ten-year history?

Since its inception, ABC Champions have positively affected the supply and quality of dependent care in 66 communities nationwide by funding more than 1,500 childcare and eldercare projects. Programs such as the Discovery Science Preschool, Summer of Service and Elder Transportation have provided much needed childcare, eldercare and summer care for families, exemplifying the ABC's impact on local communities and its benefits to employees.

What are the future goals of the ABC?

Building on their achievements over the past ten years, the ABC will launch new three initiatives: a national action-based research study to understand the challenges and issues facing employees who work in a remote work environment; a 2002 school-age pilot project to replicate a successful after-school apprenticeship program model; and broad replication of the ABC's most successful solutions-based dependent care programs to improve quality dependent care nationwide. These initiatives will help ABC achieve its goals to provide corporate leadership on work/life issues and to directly impact communities where employees live and work.

Who is responsible for overseeing the ABC's activities?

The ABC has contracted WFD Consulting to implement ABC programs on behalf of the collaboration. For over 25 years, WFD Consulting has pioneered innovative workplace solutions for leading organizations around the world. WFD has helped clients maximize business results through assessing needs and implementing solutions regarding dependent care, workplace flexibility, women's advancement and retention, people-focused work redesign and employee commitment. Companies in the collaboration utilize the services of WFD to design, develop, implement and monitor all projects. WFD tracks participation levels and provides technical assistance to providers to assure program quality and stability.

Can companies other than Champion companies participate in the ABC?

Yes. The ABC encourages other companies to join in establishing collaborative dependent care efforts in communities throughout the country where ABC rograms are at work. A WFD consultant will be happy to talk to you about how your company can participate in the ABC.

What is required for a company to become an ABC Champion?

Participation within the ABC requires a willingness to: agree to a general set of partnership principles; to pay a membership fee; to participate in the development and evaluation of national and local projects; and to make a financial commitment to address the needs of their employees.

If I join the ABC, does my company determine which programs to support?

Yes, ABC companies determine which projects to support based on the specific needs of their employees and the communities in which employees live. Communities targeted for ABC investment are based on key employee population as well as those communities identified as having critical business or employee needs.


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