The major issues for the 30,000 employees of ABC funding companies located in eastern MA were the need for providers to be more flexible in scheduling policies, the shortage of backup care options, and the need more family friendly practices among providers. Other key issues included the need to expand the supply of available center and school-age care and the need for more information, support and access to elder care resources and services. Among the participating companies, there was a strong recognition that their employees are in the "sandwich generation", struggling with both child care and elder care issues.

Among the projects implemented in the Boston area were a series of backup care projects rolled out over a 3-year period. To deal with the transportation issue for elders, the ABC facilitated collaboration among multiple counties, creating a centralized escorted transportation system for elders in regions north and west of Boston, regardless of what county recipients lived in. The ABC also supported cutting edge professional development opportunities for more than 200 staff working in school-age programs in eastern MA. And five ABC projects have focused on introducing the concept of family friendly programming to more than 78 directors of school age programs, directors of child care centers and family child care trainers throughout eastern MA.

The Greater Boston ABC was also able to leverage its dollars invested with eight local initiatives/special opportunities. Such investments have enabled the School Age Child Care Coalition to grow from 450 members within its first year. The Coalition is contributing to the development of a strong community infrastructure to promote the supply of quality dependent care services available to employees.

Funding Companies

Bell Atlantic Company
Bright Horizons Children's Centers
Deloitte & Touche
Great Island Development, LP
GTE Service Corporation
Hewlett-Packard Company
IBM Corporation
Lotus Development Corporation
Lucent Technologies
PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
Texas Instruments
Textron Systems


Early Childhood
Computer Enhancement Initiative for Child Care Center
Family Friendly Training for Child Care Center
Preschool Science for Child Care Center
Accreditation/Credential for Family Child Care Providers
Advanced CORE Curriculum Training for Family Child Care Providers
Close to Home Care Program

Before/After-School Program
The Bridge Project
Hands-On Science Training
Summer Camp
Summer of Service
Theme-based Activities

Backup Dependent Care Registry
Backup Emergency Care

Elder Care
Elder Care Fair
Escorted Transportation
Geriatric Evaluation
Home Repair Service
SeniorNet Computer Learning Center

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