The Canton/Akron communities were faced with three major issues with regards to dependent care: high staff turnover was affecting the quality of child care programs serving families, hours for summer care programs were not compatible with employees' work hours, and employees were lacking information on elder care resources. The ABC implemented several programs to address the staff turnover issue, thus improving the quality of care at local centers. In addition to training and recruitment initiatives, the Resource Van program offered consultation and materials to local family care providers and centers. This project received the "Ohio's Best" award from the Governor of Ohio. Additionally, vacation/holiday training program helped to address the summer care hours issue. And elder care fairs at employee worksites helped to raise the awareness of elder care issues and give employees access to resources they needed for their older relatives.

Funding Companies

General Electric
IBM Corporation


Early Childhood
Recruitment for Child Care Center
Close to Home Care Program
Resource Van Visits for Family Child Care Providers

The Bridge Project
Resource Room Development
Theme-based Activities

Elder Care
Elder Care Fair




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