Employees working in the Cincinnati area expressed concern over the quality, group size, and health/safety issues of their child care programs. Many who used more informal care expressed the same concerns. Lack of quality school-age programs, especially for older children was also an issue to be addressed.

The ABC's funding of quality programs in the Cincinnati area significantly increased the number of accredited child care centers. Targeting dollars to the family child care provider community also resulted in the recruitment and training of more providers especially for infant care. And several school-age programs were implemented in an effort to address the needs of this age group.

Funding Companies

Citibank, N.A.
Deloitte & Touche
General Electric
IBM Corporation
Johnson & Johnson
Local Funder
Lucent Technologies
Procter & Gamble Company
Time Warner Cable


Early Childhood
NAEYC Accreditation Initiative for Child Care Center
On-Site Training Program for Child Care Center
One-Day Flexibility Training for Child Care Center
Activity Kits for Family Child Care Providers
Close to Home Care Program
CORE Basic Competency Curriculum for Family Child Care Providers
Family Child Care Clusters

Effective Management Training
Homework Enrichment Training
School-Age Care Fair
Summer Camp
Theme-based Activities

Backup Dependent Care Registry
Mildly Ill Conference

Elder Care
Elder Care Fair

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