The ABC is currently working to improve the quality of school-age care in the Phoenix area in several ways. For summer and after-school programs, they are in the process of implementing successful program models such as Global Games and Adventures in Peacemaking. At one school district, the ABC has implemented the Telephone Support Hotline, designed to improve the safety and well being of "home alone" children. Parent/teacher communication is also being supported through implementation of The Bridge Project. Summer of Service will address the supply of programming issue for middle school youth who need to engage in constructive activities during the summer.

Implementation of the ABC's Close to Home Project is strengthening the child care infrastructure in the community. And an affiliation of area child care centers will help to improve the quality of care and responsiveness to the needs of working families. The ABC is also helping to increase the well being of older relatives of employees by expanding in-home services such as the Emergency Safety Program.

Funding Companies

America West Airlines
American Express Company
Bank of America
Bashas' Markets
Charles Schwab & Co. Inc.
IBM Corporation
Lucent Technologies
Salt River Project
Washington Elementary School District


Early Childhood
Child Care Center Director's Support Group
On-Site Training Program for Child Care Center
Preschool Science
Seminar: The Human Side of Management (for Child Care Center)
CORE Basic Competency Curriculum for Family Child Care Providers
Family Child Care Clusters

The Bridge Project
Global Games
Adventures in Peacemaking
Hands-On Science Training
Summer of Service
Telephone Support Hotline
Training/Lecture Series for Family Child Care Providers

Backup Dependent Care Registry
Backup Emergency Care

Elder Care
Elder Care Fair
SeniorNet Computer Learning Center
Volunteer In-Home Services Program Expansion (Emergency Safety Program)

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