This is a unique community because companies in Rochester came together in 1990 - before the ABC was launched - to discuss dependent care issues affecting their employees. Needs assessments identified several issues, including the lack of quality across all types of care, the need for emergency/backup care, shortages of school-age care slots, lack of enriching curriculum in existing programs such as science/technology and multi-culturalism, and little access to elder care services.

Investments were made in training, curriculum enrichment, backup care, and elder care resources through the implementation of nearly 30 programs. The Rochester community saw many successes from these investments. For every dollar invested by the ABC, one dollar in funds and in-kind contributions was leveraged. The percent of accredited centers has risen to 20%, compared to the national percentage of 5-10%. Over 74 child care centers and 100 family care providers are delivering higher quality care through curriculum enrichment programs such as Pre-School Science and Adventures in Peacemaking. And capacity has increased with over 500 emergency/backup slots created, 130 new before- and after-school slots, and 140 new slots for full service, year round school-age programs.

Funding Companies

Bausch & Lomb
Eastman Kodak Company
Exxon Mobil Corporation
Finger Lakes Blue Cross/Blue Shield
Fisons Corporation
IBM Corporation
Rochester Gas & Electric
Rochester Telephone
St. Mary's Hospital
Xerox Corporation


Early Childhood
Caring for Infants and Toddlers for Child Care Center
NAEYC Accreditation Initiative for Child Care Center
Preschool Science
Seminar: The Human Side of Management
(for Child Care Center)
T.E.A.C.H. Early Childhood® Scholarship Project
Accreditation/Credential for Family Child Care Providers
CORE Basic Competency Curriculum for Family Child Care Providers
Advanced CORE Curriculum Training for Family Child Care Providers
Family Child Care Clusters
Mentoring for Family Child Care Providers
Resource Room Development for Family Child Care Providers

Before/After-School Program
Global Games
Adventures in Peacemaking
Hands-On Science Training
Year Round School-Age Care

Backup Dependent Care Registry
Backup Dependent Care Subsidy
Backup Emergency Care

Elder Care
Elder Care Fair
Geriatric Evaluation
Home Care Worker Recruitment/Training

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