Quality of before- and after-school programs was a major issue for employees in these communities. In Florida, before - and after-school care is delivered by school districts. However, many working parents felt that the local school districts were not responsive to their needs and not delivering quality programs for their children. The ABC was able to bring principals of local school districts and national experts together to address the issue of quality in their before- and after-school programs. Resulting from those discussions were better child:staff ratios, additional spaces created, and accreditation for many of these programs.

Violence was also a concern of parents in Tampa, and the ABC was instrumental in bringing Adventures in Peacemaking , a conflict resolution program, to the local school districts as part of their core curriculum.

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Early Childhood
Accreditation/Credential for Family Child Care Providers
Family Friendly Training for Child Care Center
On-Site Training Program for Child Care Center
Preschool Adventures in Peacemaking
T.E.A.C.H. Early Childhood® Scholarship Project
Family Child Care Clusters
Recruitment for Family Child Care Providers

Community Task Force Leadership Forum
First Steps: An Introduction to National Quality Standards
Global Games
School-Age Adventures in Peacemaking
Summer of Service
Teamswork! On the Road to Accreditation
Theme-based Activities

Mildly Ill Conference

Elder Care
Elder Care Fair
Escorted Transportation

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